Online Academic Coaching

As you begin law school, it is important that you quickly adjust to the law school method of instruction and examination. Both instruction and examination differs drastically from the methods the student encountered in undergraduate or other graduate education.   In law school, we teach one skill (oral analysis and case reading) and we test another skill that we do not teach ( exam writing and fact/law analysis). We provide only one exam, on rare occasion two exams,  per semester. We grade you not on how well you perform in some absolute sense but how well you perform compared to other students. In law school, there are no dumb students everyone is very intelligent.

However, intelligence alone is not enough to succeed in law school.  

To succeed you need among other things, access to information. Many students who fail to perform up to their potential do so because of lack of timely access to the "information stream" that is so essential to law school performance.

This website is designed to improve access to the "information stream" and consequently, students' adjustment and performance. 

This site provides academic support for the law student on law school and learning, on how to study for law school and on how to prepare and take law school exams.